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We offer tailored cleaning services for your business, ensuring a clean and professional environment. By choosing Tebcal, you’re supporting our mission to empower newcomers in Canada through training and employment opportunities.


Our personalized cleaning services keep your home comfortable and spotless. With Tebcal, you’re not just getting a clean home – you’re also contributing to our efforts to provide training and jobs to newcomers in Canada.

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Tebcal Cleaning

1. SDG cleaning services Ottawa

1. By providing employment to individuals in vulnerable situations, thereby reducing poverty and promoting economic inclusion.

3. SDG cleaning services Ottawa

3. By maintaining clean and healthy spaces, benefiting people’s health and well-being by reducing exposure to diseases and contaminants.

8. SDG cleaning services Ottawa

8. By providing employment to individuals in vulnerable situations, thus fostering decent work and contributing to sustainable economic growth.

10. SDG cleaning services Ottawa

10. By offering employment opportunities to vulnerable individuals, thus helping to reduce social and economic inequalities.

11. SDG cleaning services Ottawa

11. By providing cleaning services that contribute to creating clean and safe urban environments.

12. SDG cleaning services Ottawa

12. By promoting cleaning practices that reduce pollution and waste, thereby promoting more sustainable production and consumption.

13. SDG cleaning services Ottawa

13. By using sustainable cleaning products and eco-friendly practices, thus contributing to reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment for future generations.

Social Mision

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40$ per hour per person (Urban)
50 $ per hour per person (Rural)

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