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Tebcal Corp – Technology, Education, Business | Canada & Latam

TEBCAL is a leading company that offers a wide range of services in diverse areas, with a global presence and a special focus on the Latin American and Canadian markets. Our services range from maintenance and construction to personal and commercial security solutions, residential and commercial cleaning.

In addition, we provide educational and business management solutions.
We are a sales and management consulting firm that helps organizations improve their sales, market reach, market share, performance, and capitalization.

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Our Leader

A distinguished global leader, expert project manager, and influencer with a decade of experience in private, public, and non-profit sectors. Notable for her impact on start-up projects and successful team management. However, her achievements go beyond traditional leadership, encompassing innovation and sustainable practices in each venture.

Catalina Henao

Colombia | Canada

Our Company

Mision Tebcal Corp- Latam and Canada

Our mission is to assist organizations in improving their sales, market reach, market share, performance, and capitalization in Canada. In other words, we provide sales and management consulting services, along with customized solutions to address business opportunities and challenges. We focus on Latin-American-origin business communities in Canada, offering consulting and mentoring to startups. Additionally, we work with companies from diverse backgrounds and across different industries.

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Our vision is to become the preferred trusted partner for organizations seeking to enhance their commercial performance in Canada. Firstly, we strive to be recognized as leaders in sales and management consulting, delivering innovative and tailored solutions that generate exceptional results for our clients. Secondly, we aspire to expand our influence and reach across diverse business communities, assisting companies in reaching their full potential and contributing to economic growth in Canada. In conclusion, our aim is to set the standard for excellence in the industry.


Tebcal Service Corp. is initially focusing on Latin-American-origin business communities in Canada, providing consultation to expand their services and mentoring for their start-ups, helping to support diversity and inclusion in the Canadian business landscape.

Our Team Tebcal

At Tebcal, our story is woven with a commitment to excellence, innovation, and client success. Learn more about our passionate team and the values that drive us. We’re not just a service provider; we’re your dedicated partner in achieving greatness

Tebcal team, Catalina Henao, our leader, business development

Catalina Henao

Julio Donado

Tebcal team, Yuliana Botero, our PM, Project managment

Yuliana Botero

Why Tebcal?

We have a global presence, with a special emphasis on serving the Latin American and Canadian markets.

Our comprehensive range of services spans from maintenance, construction, and personal and commercial security solutions to residential and commercial cleaning.

Our expertise lies in helping organizations enhance their sales, market reach, market share, performance, and capitalization